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The Bra Tape

No more unwanted bra straps thanks to our LIFT UP INVISIBLE BRA TAPE!


No more unwanted bra straps thanks to our LIFT UP INVISIBLE BRA TAPE!

  1. The Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape comes with 2 pairs of invisible lift bras and 2 pairs of nipple covers.
  2. The adhesive bra tape is sticky and waterproof. It can be worn for long periods of time. Water or sweat doesn’t have a chance against the Lift Up Invisible Bra!
  3. The Lift Up Invisible bra is perfect for all cup sizes from small to large breasts. The strapless bras can be cut at will, to adjust to your desired size, enjoy wearing your favorite outfit with the worry of your straps showing or your boobs spilling out of your dress.
How do I apply my stick-on bra?
  1. Clean your breasts with soap and water.
  2. Make sure the area is dry and do not use any moisturizers before applying.
  3. Remove the plastic from the back of the Breast Lift Bra and place it on your breasts. For maximum lift, hold your breast up before placing the cup on, starting with the underneath of your breast first and then pressing the bra onto the top part of your breast. 
Is the adhesive bra easy to remove?
  1. Yes, just peel off from the sides, or top-down, or bottom-up.
  2. The adhesive has been thoroughly tested and is certified as skin-friendly. 
Are your adhesive bras reusable?

No. This is Stretchy Fabric Sticky Boob Lift Tape Waterproof Cotton Disposable New Breast Lift Nipple Cover, we also have reusable adhesive bras, you can visit the homepage.



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