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Posted by Fabulously Fit Crystal on

In a world where a perfect body is the goal, and a natural body is no longer deemed attractive by the masses I encourage you to take your confidence out of the hands of others and place it back in yours.

Your need to feel confident should never be by other people’s standards. Your confidence is your responsibility. You need to get up every morning, look yourself in the mirror, and say out loud I AM BEAUTIFUL! PERIODT!!!!

No one’s opinion matters more than yours. Think about it for a moment, others may leave you, but you are stuck with you forever! With that being say it’s important to watch the way you speak to you! If you are lacking confidence I dare you to try these 5 things for 21 days straight to build your confidence.

  1. Speak positive affirmations to yourself every morning for 5 minutes.
  2. Write that all the things you are grateful for about yourself (please don’t include anyone but you).
  3. Everyday find a way to celebrate yourself. You can take yourself out on a date, or simply take a bubble bath.
  4. Whenever someone gives you, a complement simply say thank you. Do not downplay what they said.
  5. Stop judging yourself.

You deserve to feel good about you, so do this for the next 21 days, remember any thing you do for 21 days becomes a habit!


Strength of a Winner Fitness is a company that builds women's self-esteem through fitness.

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